This is my first attempt at starting a statistics/data science blog. I hope to work on the following topics:

Potential List of Blog Topics

  1. Statistics/Causal Inference through simulation
  2. My learning process as I explore new packages, programming functions
  3. Descriptions of the data analysis/machine learning projects in my Github Repo
  4. Interesting statistics papers as well as statistical topics trending on social media
  5. Tutorials of basic programming, statistical/machine learning concepts

My hope is that as I continue to write, I’ll get a better idea of which topics I would like to focus on. Right now I see three overarching concepts: statistics, data analysis, and programming. I may try to write a separate blog post for each of these three concepts.

My goal right now is to keep the blog posts short and simple. After I get in the habit of writing regularly, I can start delving into topics more in depth. I also generally will avoid controversial (in the statistics world) topics, specifically turf/flame wars. I may even write a blog post about potential turf wars to avoid (e.g. R vs. Python, Frequentist vs. Bayesian debates).

I’m very excited to start!